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Lumos Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop new therapies for people with rare diseases, prioritizing its focus where the medical need is high, and the pathophysiology is clear. We are committed to this mission and a strategy that is grounded upon time and cost-efficient drug development to deliver safe and effective therapies to patients.

Lumos Pharma’s clinical development program will initially focus on its lead product candidate LUM-201, an oral growth hormone stimulating therapeutic in clinical development for the treatment of Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency (PGHD). If approved by the FDA, LUM-201 would provide an alternative to the injections that current PGHD patients endure for many years of treatment.

As a key component of our mission, Lumos Pharma is actively seeking strategic partnerships to expand its portfolio of rare disease therapeutic candidates. We leverage our experience, knowledge, and stakeholder collaborations to identify and acquire or in-license novel products for development and commercialization. Driven by a sense of commitment to patients, their families, and the broader community impacted by rare diseases, we seek to be a leading provider of innovative medications that address a multitude of rare diseases.


We are a skilled, rare disease management and investor team, with long-standing scientific experiences ranging from endocrinology to neurology to inborn errors of metabolism.

We are passionately driven to harness innovative science to benefit the patients and caregivers we work with every day. Our science-driven organization searches out the best and most cutting-edge technologies and collaborators to help advance our projects – no matter where in the world they are advancing medical research.


Patient-focused drug development for rare diseases is the foundational focal point at Lumos Pharma. Rare disease patients and their caretakers inspire Lumos Pharma to learn as much as it can to persevere and continue to advance the development of potential therapies to treat rare diseases. For this reason, Lumos Pharma is committed to developing these therapies with the utmost urgency and care for these patients.  We hold these patients in the highest regard and value their knowledge and experiences and respect our collective partnerships. Each and every day, we remain passionately committed to understanding patient and caregiver needs and how to best address them.